July 14, 2024

San Diego MLS

Put Bob Schwartz’s 30+ years of real estate experience to work for you!


*Note if you want additional information on any active San Diego MLS listing:

We cannot provide ‘on-the-spot’ information without looking up the address and/or researching the property.

This is ONLY done through email on a one on one basis. There is no charge for this exclusive service!

 If you are interested, just email me through the hyperlink below:

Be sure to include your full name, the area and/or ZIP Code of San Diego that you are looking for a home,  the approximate price range of a home,and the number of bedrooms and baths that you desire.

Contact Information:

Bob Schwartz

^Although no longer a licensed California real estate broker Bob’s 30 plus years of experience in the real estate industry with all the contacts that he has developed,  he is able to provide referrals to the top real estate Professionals in any state within the United States.  So, although you can’t get Bob to represent you personally, Bob can select a top real estate professional with years and years of experience to ensure that you get the best possible representation.


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