July 17, 2024

California home sales
California home sales

Trulia.com, in a recent report, found that as of Jan. 1, 2010, 21 percent of homes currently on the market have experienced at least one price reduction.  The total amount reduced for all homes nationwide declined to $21.2 billion in January compared with $24.7 billion in December.  The average discount for homes with price reductions remained at 11 percent, according to the report.  In the west, which includes California, 22 percent of listings experienced price reductions.

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2 thoughts on “22% of California Homes For Sale Have Price Reductions

  1. Might this be a result of the continued delusional thinking (prevalent throughout SD county, and SoCAl in general) that “it’s always a great time to buy a house,” “Home values always go up,” “Everyone wants to live in SoCal,” etc., etc?

    Funny…and sad at the same time. Must be too much sunshine that cause people to accept such widespread but mistaken beliefs. That would explain the continuing WIPEOUTS in Las Vegas, Arizona and Florida real estate markets, too.

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