July 13, 2024

Most California purchase contracts require a termite inspection upon the sale of a home.  However, many owners live in their home for years and waiting until they are ready to move to have a wood-destroying insect inspection report might result in expensive repairs.  It is best to have periodic inspections and to treat any infestation before it becomes extensive.Be on alert for the telltale signs for termites:
#1 Winged termites are attracted to lights and swarms may be found around exterior light fixtures or windows.

#2. Mud tubes, about the size of a pencil, can be connected to infested wood.  Sometimes visible  on concrete foundations, they can also be hidden under floor boards and siding.

#3. Dark areas or blisters in wood flooring may be a sign of infestation.  To check for wood damage in all areas with wood, tap on the wood every few inches and listen for a hollow sound.  You can also use a tool to probe the wood.  If it easily penetrates the wood you’re tapping, there is likely an infestation.[tags]termites, real estate, real estate inspections[/tags] San Diego real estate agents

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