July 12, 2024

 Real estate drones

*** Until the FAA issues final regulations on drone usage, the commercial use of them is in question.

So, it’s best to just use them just for your personal hobby interests. We are NOT offering any aerial photography services at this time.

. A major real estate brokerage firm just came out with an opinion that real estate agent should hold off using aerial drone footage in marketing their properties until the FAA issues final regulations on drone usage. These new regulations are supposed to be out in about a year. Meanwhile, aerial drone photography for personal or hobby use is okay. Supposedly the FAA issuing these rules to promote safety. But, why is there no regulation for personal use? Is personal use of aerial drones somehow safer than commercial use?

The vast majority of aerial drones that have been used way under 5 pounds and four real estate videos would rarely ever get above 100 feet or so. Yet, until I retired from hang gliding a couple years ago, when I was strapped into the glider and had all my gear on, I would have to say the total weight was about 360 pounds. And yet the FAA does not regulate hang gliding!

So, in the interest of not wanting to get involved in any type of government litigation I am NOT offering any aerial photography of real estate for sale and just using my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ for my hobby interests.

I hope that the new regulations will make some common sense and not just be a way for government to raise money or tax individuals for using these models.



Real estate drones