July 18, 2024

This video is a good example of San Diego aerial photography be used to market a commercial property.
Video marketing can be used very effectively, not only for residential real estate, but also for commercial and income properties.

Aerial photography is really a hybrid of two separate technologies, aviation and photography. Aerial real estate photography is a powerful tool for marketing all types of real estate. Due to the fact that Aerial real estate photography is still in its infancy, it has a much greater marketing significance because it’s perceived novelty holds potential buyers attention much longer than the normal real estate tour or the typical real estate photo slideshow.

*** Until the FAA issues final regulations on drone usage, the commercial use of them is in question. So, it’s best to just use them just for your personal hobby interests. We are NOT offering any aerial photography services at this time.

Real estate agents who utilize an aerial real estate photography not only gain an advantage in marketing their properties. But also, when used in listing presentations, they are perceived by potential sellers as being innovative and on the cutting-edge of marketing properties. This type of positive perception will usually give the agent an almost unfair advantage when sellers are deciding between several agents to market their properties.

aerial photography San Diego San Diego real estate aerial photography

For real estate agents, who really want to embrace this new aerial photography technology, below is a display featuring some of the best real estate video drones on the market today. Because of the cost, I would recommend purchasing through a large, reputable company such as Amazon.

For agents who want to utilize this technology but not invest the time and expense necessary, we offer a full San Diego real estate aerial photography service with a la carte menu for selecting just the services that you you need for your particular property.. See the full detail on San Diego aerial real estate photography today.