July 12, 2024

Eviction Ban – Wow, it’s great to be living in the ‘built back better USA”! So the CDC is doing something they know is unconstitutional. If I could trust the CDC any less, I would trust them less then I did yesterday. Why must landlords pay the price of government incompetence?

For those of you in California reading this, the end of the federal moratorium on July 31 really didn’t apply to California because California has a much stricter band which is now scheduled to end on September 30. But, just as happened numerous times before, I highly doubt that it will end on September 30! Personally, I believe the California moratorium will probably be extended for an additional two or three months, and then at that time, because of the holidays it will be extended again well into 2022!

Eviction Ban

Eviction Ban

This new CDC ban won’t end in October because we’re going to be looking at winter by then so they will have to push it into 2022!

As far as this new CDC eviction ban goes, I believe it was a strategic move on their part to extend it just through October 3. I believe they think that if no immediate legal action is taken against them to overturn this ruling, then around October 1 or so, they will put out a statement for another two or three month extension because of the holidays. Plus, they may also be thinking that landlord groups may not invest the money to try to overturn this, if some of them actually believe it will be ending in just two months.

As Kevin points out in the video the first CDC ruling was ruled unconstitutional, so, obviously they could not extend it. So, they revised their ban and issued it as a whole new directive. But, I believe part of the reason it was ruled unconstitutional, was the fact that the CDC as a government entity, does not have the power to impose such a directive. Now, if that’s truly the case, this new directive should also be ruled unconstitutional!

You notice that I’ve not use the word law here, in referencing the new CDC ban. That is because only Congress can write and issued new laws. In essence this is just a prime example of a government agency overstepping their powers, and trying to circumvent the Supreme Court!

Personally, what I would like to see here, is a landlord group, to petition a Supreme Court justice to issue an immediate stay of this CDC order until the case can be heard in front of the Supreme Court. I think an action like this would put the crazy liberal bureaucrats in their place, and hopefully prevent this from happening again with the CDC or other government agencies.


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