July 18, 2024

San Diego real estate agentLabor Department reported today that the economy experienced the biggest drop in jobs in more than five years.

There was a net loss of 159,000 jobs in September, the ninth straight month the U.S. economy has lost jobs. The August job loss was revised to 73,000 jobs, taking year-to-date job losses to 760,000.

The real bad news is that by the Labor Department's own admission, their reporting model performs poorly at economic "turning points", so, a doubling of current job losses may be very possible after the data is revised. 

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5 thoughts on “Biggest Loss in jobs in more than five years

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  2. Americans’ Debt Load Threatens the Entire Financial System. Years of spending more than they earn have left a record number of Americans standing at the financial precipice. They have amassed a mountain of debt that grows ever bigger because of high interest rates and fees.

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  3. Future inflation will not manifest itself in the ways it did in the past. There will not be wage inflation due to a global labor market. The new inflation will result in higher prices for goods and services, but this won’t be offset by higher wages. So you will see an erosion of your standard of living. Housing prices won’t appreciate at the inflation rate because people won’t be able to afford higher prices for housing due to the fact that their incomes aren’t increasing at the same rate. Employers don’t need to increase wages because lower cost labor is available abroad. This is unlike the situation in the 1970s when there was both wage and price inflation. Now we will get only price inflation.

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  4. At the start of this debacle I thought the bankers had found a cheap and dirty way to get into the real estate business. That is: take the extra cash from the unwashed, leave them with debt and rent them the house they thought they were buying. As it turns out, either the American financial guru’s were asleep in Econ101, or the science of Economics is crap. I never could figure out the “consumer based economy,” apparently, neither have the financial folks. J.P. Morgan once quipped; “I can hire half the workers to kill the other half.” To his credit he never tried. Lenin and Trotsky one-upped Morgan by proving that they could talk workers into killing capitalists for free. I don’t know how this will turn out, but I am not sure that poverty is as bad as advertised.

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