July 16, 2024

California home foreclosures – In a report issued today by California-based research group RealtyTrac it was reported that California home foreclosure filings fell 32 percent on a monthly basis but were up 36 percent from a year ago. California remained the third hardest-hit state in the collapsed real estate sector, after Nevada and Florida.



James Saccacio, RealtyTrac chief executive, said: "Much of the 12 percent decrease in September can be attributed to changes in state laws that have at least temporarily slowed down the pace at which lenders are moving forward with foreclosures."

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8 thoughts on “California Home Foreclosure Filings fall 32%

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  2. The only way to pay that off is massive inflation– 10-15% every year for 6-8 years. Worst part is the next President will take the fall for Greed the scope of which the world has never seen. So hold on to that house if you can, in a few years it will be worth three times its present value and that mortgage you can’t afford will represent a year’s salary.

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  3. CA was the perfect state for the subprime mortgage mkt. When you have statistics that show less than 20% of the state can afford to buy a home and yet people were buying houses like nobody’s business there had to be some fancy math going on. They were reporting in 2006 that 80% of new mortgages were non-traditional variable rate/interest only loans because the only way to get people into these overpriced homes was to get creative. Never in our history had home prices skyrocketed like they had in the past 10 years and everyone wanted in on the gravy train, from the person selling his home, the realtor handling it, the banks wanted the bigger mortgages, to the people that thought they deserved an expensive home, to the banks allowing equity to soar so people could turn their homes into ATMs and the banks would get years of interest.

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  4. Future inflation will not manifest itself in the ways it did in the past. There will not be wage inflation due to a global labor market. The new inflation will result in higher prices for goods and services, but this won’t be offset by higher wages. So you will see an erosion of your standard of living. Housing prices won’t appreciate at the inflation rate because people won’t be able to afford higher prices for housing due to the fact that their incomes aren’t increasing at the same rate. Employers don’t need to increase wages because lower cost labor is available abroad. This is unlike the situation in the 1970s when there was both wage and price inflation. Now we will get only price inflation.

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