July 17, 2024

California Rental Assistance

This money should go DIRECTLY to directly to landlords.

Poor and needy people are being abused by the system as usual. Sounds like the funds have been held hostage until it benefited Newsome’s campaign promotion to buy votes for the re-call. SICK !!

California Rental Assistance

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Tenants need to get a job and pay landlords until they receive rental assistance. No matter how many times they extend eviction moratorium, people will complain. States should encourage tenants to get a job and save to pay future bills. If California and other states continue to pay people to stay home, they will expect it each month.

Also California is again considering extending the moratorium, now thru September 2021.

Personally, I’m hundred percent certain that California will extend the rental eviction moratoriums! I’m also hundred percent certain, that near the end of September 2021,California will again issue another moratorium extension!

I think that the earliest we could ever expect to see a real and to the California eviction moratorium, won’t be until the second quarter of 2022!

I think, even if the landlords are compensated hundred percent, a large number of them once the moratorium is lifted, will decide to sell their properties. This is going to happen because I believe many small landlords rightfully fear the next California eviction moratorium, which could be just for a severe normal flu season!

There’s always free tenant lawyers in California. They will ask for a jury trial. Costing the landlord 40k with the notice serving, depositions, jury selections. Even then they’ll have a “settlement” conference before then and will probably require landlords to forgive back rent and pay them to move out. If you do go to court and win. Congratulations….. Your out 100k plus from back rent, lawyer fees, repairs. And you probably can’t go after these low income tenants. They don’t have any money! So getting a money judgements against them won’t do you any good. Best case they get an eviction on their record. And hopefully no one will rent to them again.


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