July 12, 2024

California’s most miserable cities according to Business Insider

Business Insider just released a list of the 50 most miserable cities in America and 10 of those cities are in California. California pending home sales California housing crisis

According to Business Insider their list used census data from a thousand cities and focused on opportunities, devastation from natural disasters, crime and addiction rate as well as abandoned houses.

California’s Most Miserable Cities

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California topped the list with more cities ranked than any other state.

The rankings are below:

Lancaster (50)
Hemet (44)
San Bernardino (42)
Compton (41)
Montebello (40)
Palmdale (36)
El Monte (22)
Lynwood (21)
Bell Gardens (14)
Huntington Park (10)

Gary, Indiana ranked as the number one most miserable city.

It would seem, the Golden State is losing its glitter, rapidly. California has the nation’s highest poverty rate. homelessness is rampant. State officials are focused on protecting illegal immigrants from deportation rather than reversing the flight of the state’s middle class.

Democrats have super majorities in the CA legislature in both the Assembly and State Senate. They have the governorship and currently hold every single statewide elected office position. Hard for them to point a finger at the GOP for the mess out here!

Jerry Brown is responsible for much of the decline in California….leftist policy and ideology will never work in the practical world. The real estate bubble is largely the result of high property taxes making housing unaffordable to the average person . Over priced housing is also a major issue. All of it is one big scam on the public. There is the same problem on the east coast with the high taxes and over priced housing. The real issue is the liberal left leadership and self enrichment policy at the expense of the people. Criminals are controlling many of these markets.




California’s Most Miserable Cities