July 13, 2024

San Diego downtown condosAs sales lag, home builders are pulling out the stops to woo buyers and "create house lust," according to an article by the Washington Post. Home models lost their importance during the housing boom, but now that consumers are less apt to buy, builders are turning to them again as marketing tools and are investing dollars to beautify kitchens, dining rooms and family rooms and even showcase finished basements with sports bars, pool tables or exercise rooms, the Post says. [tags] home builders, new home sales, home sales incentives, real estate bubble, housing bubble, buyers market[/tags]


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4 thoughts on “Creation of House Lust

  1. It’s much harder for troubled borrowers to get a loan now. The lending industry has tightened up standards for lending to elimintate the slide of foreclosures due to subprime lending practices targeting those troubled borrowers. The local media has presented the facts in a negative light, but a return to normalcy is about to occur.

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  2. Instead of giving a bunch of money to different levels of government, why not directly incentivize investors to pick up those houses and get them rehabilitated and back on the market? We all know that local and state governments are not the most efficient handlers of these situations. If they put stuff out for bids, the crisis will be over before they are able to move. If they don’t, they will send work to their friends… regardless of their ability to efficiently do the work.

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  3. If we look at the economic trends along with Real Estate market trends, we can realize that what may seem like a “bad market” for some people is the same market that “big” Real Estate Investors have bought the properties that made them millions. However, there are many people that are getting ready to capitalize on some great investing due to the common sense theory of investing, BUY LOW…SELL HIGH!.

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