July 14, 2024

Housing marketWhat would you say to the government purchasing homes from homeowners who’s values have fallen below the current sales value of the homes?  Then add the fact that the government will build new homes for those evicted for defaulting on their mortgages! Yes, it’s all true!

You might be thinking, is he talking about the Obama administration or the California state government? As both these governments have huge deficits and continue spending like fantasy growth in the economy will solve all problems, you would be correct.  Sad to say that not even these two ‘progressive’ governmental bodies who are exceptional at providing takers with benefits for which no ‘maker’ could ever hope, did not come up with this bail-out plan.

This plan was just announced by the Hungarian government.  Don’t despair; who is to say California will not be next to interfere in the free real estate markets?

Orange County attorneys