July 15, 2024

home sales
home sales

Home sales incentives are increasing

A majority of new-home buyers (92 percent) say they received sales incentives for their home purchase, according to a recent customer satisfaction study of home builders by J.D. Power and Associated. The average sales incentive amounted to more than $16,500 for perks such as a reduced base price for the home and credit toward additional upgrades and options.

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2 thoughts on “Home Sales – When the Sales Price is Not the Whole Story

  1. It really does help that they’re willing to fork over some money for us to be able to have a house. Well cause once we have a house, we need to furnish it right? We’ll go out and buy furniture. Then we’ll need to maintain it right? So we might pay for someone else to clean it. It’s just a cycle that we needed to continue.

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