July 16, 2024

Housing Market Recession

The Federal Reserve just warned that the 2022 Recession is about to get EVEN WORSE. Expect layoffs, bankruptcies, and a big crash in the Housing & Stock Market as the Recession and Economic Collapse play out.

After two consecutive quarters of negative GDP Growth, the US economy is unofficially in Recession.

Housing Market Recession

Housing Market Recession - San Diego real estate investing

Meanwhile, 65% of Americans agree that we’re in a Recession. But this is all likely to get much worse as raging inflation, record low consumer sentiment, and increasing interest rates push the US Economy, Housing Market, & Stock Market into collapse.

Interestingly – not everyone agrees that we’re in a Recession. Jerome Powell actually doesn’t think we’re in one yet despite predicting worsening economic conditions into the future. Joe Biden and Janet Yellen don’t believe we’re in a recession either. But given that so many Americans and small businesses believe one is coming – the 2022 Recession will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Small Business Optimism is at a near record low. So is Consumer Sentiment. Which indicates that today’s record-low unemployment rate is likely to explode into the future.

There is a perfect storm forming in America. inflation, severe drought in the farm belt, the pandemic, food shortages, diesel fuel costs, and heating fuel shortages, baby formula shortages, shortage of and price of available cars, and the price of housing. It’s all coming together and could lead to real disaster for our economy.

Always keep in mind, that purchasing or selling a home is a major lifestyle decision, and as such, should not be rushed into. So, by all means, if you’re considering purchasing or selling real estate in today’s market, do your own homework and draw your own conclusions! But, also consult with your legal & financial advisors prior to making your moves.

My opinions here are just that, opinions!  The fact that I’ve been in the residential real estate market for over three decades, does not mean that my opinions are going to be any more accurate then your mother-in-law’s opinion, though I sure hope they are!


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Housing Market Recession