July 16, 2024

housingThe Obama new policy blitzkrieg has many worried. Just look at decline in stocks since Jan. 20 for the opinion of the investing public.

What are they so worried about?  The short list includes:

  • Proposals for higher income taxes on the highest earners.
  • Higher taxes on capital gains and dividends.
  • A new tax on all securities trades.
  • "Cram-down" legislation forcing banks to accept lower profits on mortgages.
  • The Employee Free Choice Act, which would give unions an advantage over management.
  • The carbon tax & the resulting very possible double digit increase in utility rates.
  • Limits on oil drillers' tax breaks.
  • Limits on agricultural subsidies.
  • Smaller deductions on mortgage payments.
  • Cuts in subsidies to independent student loan providers.
  • Limits on drug pricing and Medicare rates.
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4 thoughts on “Housing & Stock Market Worries

  1. OK America Business & Politicians…..it’s time for you idiots to get out of the way of those who have real answers to save the economy. You idiots have been in power too long. You don’t know what you’re doing trying to save those stupid banks and mortgage companies. You’ve screw the American public out of their equity in their homes, that which was driving this economy. Threat was the “ATM” of the consumer. Let OBAMA and his team come on the field and shut down that stupid war, and put plans in place to put America back to work.

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  2. The legal changes Obama is bringing will force a more equitable distribution of wealth AND risk. First, he will rebuild the social safety net, shredded by decades of rightwing mismanagement. Second, the better government regulation will bring more centralized control back over the markets. As time goes on, the federal government will reassert its rightful authority over more sectors of the economy, and we will march together into a brighter future for our children!

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  3. So how bad is it? I hear all these ramblings, fancy financial terms and so on. But what does it all really mean? Does the US collapse? Do we see soup lines and down trodden people like the experience was during the Great Depression? Seems to me the US financial catastrophe is pretty simple. Our government and the citizens of the US have consistently spent more than they take in. At some point the debt becomes so great we are unable to pay it back, or manage it. When we are no longer able to pay our debts what happens? Do we surrender assets, land and military hardware to the foreign nationals we’ve been burrowing money from over the last two decades? Maybe a fire sale of America? The whole system is a sham and we only have ourselves and those shysters in Wall Street and the Scum of Washington DC to blame..Sorry to say but, Obama won’t be able to save us from this SNAFU. The concept of uncontrolled spending and deficit through credit has finally caught up with us. This decade is perhaps a time for reckoning in which our short sighted ways and embrace of Wall Street’s psychopathic free market capitalism garnered by greed and unequaled corruption will finally get the best of us..

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