July 15, 2024

San Diego County forclosuresFannie Mae reported a net loss of $2.2 billion, or $2.57 per share, for the first three months of 2008, vs. a profit of $961 million, or 85% per share, a year ago, on a 38.2% rise in revenue, to $3.78 billion. Fannie also recorded a $1.1 billion charge in the first quarter on mortgage-related securities backed by Alt-A and subprime loans that were classified as trading securities.

Fannie Mae said it now expects home prices across the U.S. to fall by an average of 7% to 9% this year, having already dropped 3% in the first quarter. With credit losses now expected to be bigger due to a sharper decline in home prices,

The government established Fannie Mae in order to expand the flow of mortgage funds in all communities, at all times, under all economic conditions, and to help lower the costs to buy a home. In 1968, Fannie Mae was re-chartered by Congress as a shareholder-owned company, funded solely with private capital raised from investors on Wall Street and around the world.         San Diego downtown real estate


7 thoughts on “Nation’s Mortgage Lender Records Loss of $2.2 BILLION +$1.1 BILLION Charge Off

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  2.  It is in fact socialist nonsense such as everyone should own a home that caused the current problems that we have now. What you dont understand is that socialist agendas are created by both leftist groups and right extreme idiots. regardless socialism is socialism and causes financial distress at the end. Why is it that these people just dont understand? the obama and clinton health care for all bullsh-t. freddie mac /fannie mae created a socialist vacuum that transferred risk from banks to tax payers and 401k holders. it is socialist removal of risk that causes bubbles in the first place. people need to know and understand that when they take a risk that they can loose. and that is that. u buy a house — then u got to make payments for 30 years. u miss a payment u loose ur house and ur credit. therefore, that loan amount should be very in line with what you can afford. this is not rocket science. the banks are socialist, the gov are socialist, u r a socialist, and anyone who tries to remove risk from the equasion of reward is socalist too.

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  3. Consumer demand will drop. Unemployment will rise. The US will go into a recession at best, a depression at worst. Expect first stagflation (high inflation and high unemployment), both because of the increased price of imports and deliberate pump priming by the Fed, then deflation, as asset prices collapse so hard they take everything else with them. The other likely scenario is stagflation followed by hyperinflation. Formal inflation numbers put out will become not just a joke amongst market-watchers, but amongst the actual population. Same thing with unemployment numbers.

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  4. If we look at the economic trends along with Real Estate market trends, we can realize that what may seem like a “bad market” for some people is the same market that “big” Real Estate Investors have bought the properties that made them millions. However, there are many people that are getting ready to capitalize on some great investing due to the common sense theory of investing, BUY LOW…SELL HIGH!.

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  5. Much is said now about the state of the real estate market, the recent audacity by the fed chair, and how our dollar is being trampled on by the feds. Much is said about the lack of equity in homes and the lack of liquidity from the few available buyers out there. The economy is dead, all these foreclosures are ruining the state.

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