July 14, 2024

No Real Estate foreclosures or evictions until 2022?

The real estate market is going to go on life support and will likely hold strong for the next 6-12 months..

Small landlords ask: Is Walmart being required to provide free food? Why do I have to provide free housing?

However when the economy realizes and acknowledges the pain, it will be a tsunami in foreclosures and real estate REO’s.

No Real Estate foreclosures or evictions until 2022

 Real Estate foreclosures

I believe property values will plummet to a level that many can not imagine. I believe that wages and quality of living will plummet as well.. There will be massive loss and ruin in the years to come and we currently live in a delusion that the markets are great, the economy is great and all things will remain this way. I think that could not be further from the truth. That being said, now is the time to learn, study and adapt to the new way of business.

Many people think that everything is opening up and will resume as normal. That will not happen, I see more problems ahead and it’s the smart investors that are preparing to be on the right side of this change. To me, real estate is the best asset and the most secure asset to own. We will see the dollar be printed down to nearly nothing over the coming couple years so own hard assets however be careful with leverage.

We will soon see the worlds first trillionaire all thanks to this innovation.. However I think America will soon have slums like India and many third world countries. Don’t get too comfortable right now. If you have credit card debt and big liabilities I would try to pay off the high interest debt and begin positioning yourself to advance on good deals when they become available.


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1 thought on “No Real Estate foreclosures or evictions until 2022

  1. Mr. Real Estate investment Guru, lend me your chrystal ball, as I need to see 2 yrs from now.
    We will have about $5T deficts soon, and yeah, got to be some inflation and a worthless dollar coming.
    Washington state now protesting with “no evictions, no foreclosures” posters amid new legislation touting the same.
    why not just “no car payments” or no student loan payments?
    This does not end well,

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