July 13, 2024

San Diego real estateThe San Diego housing industry not only has a massive oversupply of units to sell, but a great many of them are shoddily built, too large, on tiny lots, and almost identical to the house next door. Is it REALLY so hard to understand why the demand for such a thing has dried-up?

If you wanted "a place to live," would you really want to pay so much .. for so little? How could it seriously occur to anyone that such an idea was smart?

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5 thoughts on “One Reason San Diego Housing Demand is Down

  1. You made some good points, and you’re right. Yet I’ve heard some compare the current stock market to the early 70’s. I can actually remember where there wasn’t money available for conventional loans, you had to get your loan in by the first of the month, because you knew they couldn’t commit much later, there was only so much $ to go around. Then again some lenders would only make loans if they had the existing loan. I thought oh well, guess I’ll just have to do FHA/VA loans for a while. We will get through this.

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  2. It’s much harder for troubled borrowers to get a loan now. The lending industry has tightened up standards for lending to elimintate the slide of foreclosures due to subprime lending practices targeting those troubled borrowers. The local media has presented the facts in a negative light, but a return to normalcy is about to occur.

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