July 13, 2024
Arizona gold nugget
Arizona gold nugget

Is real estate still a great investment? It’s really hard to say right now, but, if you purchased a San Diego home in the last seven years, it could have been far better to rent and invest in gold!

AS long as the Federal government spends money like a teenager at a shopping mall, Gold will hit even further records.

I like reading and watching stories from those that refuse to use the word INFLATION. The fact that gold hit record highs is because of huge inflation. Some even predict Hyper inflation to come.

As long as Ben and the banksters continue on this spending and printing spree there is more of that to come. Huge cost increases like the world has ever seen. Those with Gold will be able to ride this time out. Gold is the best indicator of what the dollar is really worth. You can no longer measure other currencies as the bench mark only gold is the true bench mark to true wealth.

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