July 15, 2024
More people are moving out of California.

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Did you know that a report from the California Legislative Analyst’s Office, showed that between 2007 and 2016, more than a million people left California rather than moving here from other states.

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Although California has had net out-migration among most demographic groups, it has gained among those with higher incomes ($110,000 per year or more) and higher levels of education (graduate degrees).

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According to the study, here are the main reasons people are moving out of California.

  • High taxes
  • Cost of living
  • Affordable housing

Affordable housing seems to be key. Every year, California falls about 100,000 units short of keeping up with demand. Another study found that one-third of metro area renters can’t afford the rent.

Get this . . . more than 800,000 Californians have moved to Texas in the last decade.

Where are these Californians moving to?:

  1. Texas
  2. Arizona
  3. Nevada
  4. Oregon
  5. Washington

Moving to those states, Californians will likely find paying no corporate or state income tax and affordable housing.

It’s a decision that all Californians will have to seriously weigh, and they are. According to a survey released just last month by Edelman Intelligence, at least 53 percent of Californians said they have considered moving out of state because of the cost of living. And a whopping 63 percent of millennials said the same.

What about companies leaving California?

A record number of companies are leaving California for states with a better business climate, and a report shows that Texas remains their No. 1 destination. … In the past three years, California companies — like Toyota Motor North America, Kubota Tractor Corporation, Charles Schwab Corp.
Also,Chevron is moving 800 jobs from their Bay Area headquarters to Texas, and Waste Connections shifted more than 100 jobs to Texas from Folsom. Other California firms are also on the move. … And they are leaving for places such as Arizona.

1800 companies left California in a year — with most bound for Texas

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