July 12, 2024

For San Diego, the market top was around the summer of 2005. Since than, many neighborhood real estate values have been on a continuing decline. A very important point to keep in mind, is that most published sales data (including chart data below) do not reflect the very prevalent buyer concessions both the new and resale San Diego sellers are having to pay. One escrow officer estimated that over 90% of her escrows have the sellers paying buyer fees and or giving the buyers a credit at the close.  Many of these buyer concessions (typically closing costs) are running 1 to 3% of the sales price

Largest value drop on the chart below was 34.2% in Mission Valley (92108). In Mission Valley there were 30 sales in 2007  and 32 sales in 2006.

                                July 2007 vs. July 2006 San Diego condominium values 

San Diego condo values 

Be sure to view our San Diego condo sales value chart for June 2007.

Chart produced by www.websitetrafficbuilders.com from selected data published in the San Diego Union-Tribune on 8-19-07 from data compiled from DataQuick Information Systems.  Selection criteria: Minimum of 6 sales in June '07 and July '07 sales volume was at least 50% of July '06 sales.  *Largest value declines for selected areas.  Copyright 2007 www.brokerforyou.com
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