July 13, 2024
San Diego Home EquitySan Diego real estate mortgage bust. Much has been made of stated income, nina, ninja, etc. loans. The fact remains that the debt to income levels that were accepted during the boom time for people who could document their income exceeded 55%. Sub prime borrowers who could document their income could have DTI levels from 50-55%.

What is not talked about is that Fannie and Freddie loans could get approved with DTI levels as high as 63%. Typically a borrower would need some other strong factor such as high FICO or 6-8 months in reserve. Nevertheless, people are not walking from their homes just because they are upside down. Like most things in life there is rarely one answer, rather a multitude of factors.

Get ready for the next wave of foreclosures, just months away. This new wave of foreclosures will be prime mortgages on upper end homes.                             San Diego real estate agent

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  1. In my working class neighborhood it was hard to miss that something went wrong when all the houses tripled in value. No one here got a raise but young families somehow bought homes that we’re half-million dollar fixer-uppers. The only reason the fed, banks, and the government missed it was that they were too busy counting their money to care where it was coming from.
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