July 14, 2024

San Diego real estate agent

Using real estate facts in a lighthearted way to get my message of real estate experience to potential clients.

With over 30 years of residential real estate experience I can ensure my clients the best possible real estate deal whether buying or selling San Diego real estate.

Sure, almost any California licensed real estate agent can put your property in the MLS or drive you around and show you homes in a specific neighborhood.

But when it comes to knowing the best way to negotiate for the current market condition, or how to properly price your property to ensure the maximum potential price within your timeframe, that’s where my 30+ years of residential real estate experience really comes in to benefit my clients.

San Diego real estate agent
San Diego real estate agent – broker, Bob Schwartz at the summit of Mt. Whitney Ca.

I never list of property for more than 90 days. Plus, if any one of my San Diego real estate clients is unhappy with my representation of their interest, all they have to do is put that in writing and I will immediately terminate our listing agreement at no cost to the potential seller.

I’ve made this easy exit contract provision for well over two decades now. And not once, as any one of my listing clients asked me to cancel their listing contract.

When it comes to real estate buyers, I never have them sign an exclusive representation contract. I only ask potential San Diego real estate buyers who I’m working with that if I find them a property that suits their particular needs, they will have me represent their interests in negotiating the best possible deal on that property.

If these potential San Diego home-buyers find another property whether on their own, or perhaps at an open house, they are under no obligation to have me represent their interests.

Yes anyone can read books about contract negotiations. But, when it comes to real estate residential property negotiations there is absolutely no substitute for three decades of representing real estate buyers and sellers through both up and down markets.

Bob Schwartz, San Diego real estate agent broker




San Diego real estate agent