July 13, 2024

San Diego Residential Real Estate Website

Over 19,200 unique visitors to www.brokerforyou.com in May 2018!

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A unique visitor to a website is one IP address whether it’s from a computer or a smart phone counted by the website within a 24-hour period. Another words, if you’re looking at this site from your notebook computer, it has counted you as one unique visitor. If later today you go back to the site, from the same notebook computer, your second visit will not be counted  as a unique visit. Now if you are going to use the same notebook computer and go back  to www.brokerforyou.com a day or two later, that second visit would then be counted as a unique visit. So, just one visit within a 24 hour period is counted. This is why this is a much more accurate way to gauge the popularity of a website then looking at any other website statistics.

San Diego Residential Real Estate

www.brokerforyou.com is 20 Years old! The vast majority of search engine professionals agree that the age of a website is an important factor in the Google algorithm.

There is also another undisputed factor in the ranking of websites. That factor, is the amount of unique specific content published on the website. So, it’s pretty hard for a two year old or a five-year-old or for that matter a 10-year-old website out rank a 20-year-old website that has 2 to 4 times the content.

San Diego real estate opportunity – www.brokerforyou.com is for sale! if your real estate broker in San Diego California or thinking of expanding your brokerage business into San Diego, purchasing www.brokerforyou.com to give you a huge boost in becoming a player in the residential San Diego real estate market.

Sure as a real estate professional in San Diego California, you most probably have a website. But take a look at it take a look at the traffic you’re generating from that website. From my own analysis the majority of San Diego real estate websites just generate a couple of hundred unique views per month. To even have a chance of gaining one new client you need tens of thousands of unique views.

Just like most major businesses, the easiest way, and the fastest way to expand your business and influence in your particular market is through strategic acquisition. Just look at Google, they are the number one search engine in the world! Google bought Youtube in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion – YouTube now operates as one of Google‘s subsidiaries.

YouTube’s revenue  in 2013 it nearly doubled and estimated to hit $5.6 billion according to eMarketer, others estimated 4.7 billion!

www.brokerforyou.com is for sale and is offered with a very popular San Diego residential real estate channel with over 920 subscribers!

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San Diego Residential Real Estate