July 13, 2024

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San Diego Residential Real Estate blog

San Diego Residential Real Estate:

brokerforyou.com - San Diego Residential Real Estate

Yes, our San Diego residential real estate site,is over 20 years old! This is one of the reasons why it generates such tremendous visitor traffic. Although no one knows for sure, the vast majority of search engine professionals agree that the age of a website is an important factor in the Google algorithm.

San Diego Residential Real Estate

There is also another undisputed factor in the ranking of websites. That factor, is the amount of unique specific content published on the website. So, it’s pretty hard for a two year old or a five-year-old or for that matter a 10-year-old website out rank a 20-year-old website that has 2 to 4 times the content.

Below, are some examples of how  San Diego real estate videos rank on page 1 for some of the most popular San Diego real estate keyword searches on Youtube:

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This is a direct hyperlink to our YouTube San Diego real estate channel:   https://www.youtube.com/user/brokerforyou/videos

If you’re still reading this, by now you have comprehended the power of my domain. In the search engine optimization world most insiders realize that to fully utilize the power of the Internet service providers should have more than one website!

Our site is set up now as a WordPress blog and is very easy to maintain and to use. Also, because BROKERFORYOU.com is a generic real estate term, it can fit in as a secondary site, or for that matter the main site for any real estate service business in San Diego!

About seven years ago I ran into some serious health issues and that combined with my age, have caused me to spend more time on my hobbies than on real estate. Now, it’s time to offer BROKERFORYOU.com for sale.

To be totally upfront, to maintain and increase the visitors and rankings of the site I would have a web designer incorporate some type of proven lead capture system into the site. I thought about doing this myself some years ago but just never got around to doing it.

I’ve been advised not to make any claims as far as the number of potential new sales leads or customers can be achieved by owning this website. With that said, think about the cost of maintaining a site like this. Domain registration typically runs about 10 or $12 a year and web hosting on an annual basis runs about $120 a year. Naturally, to keep the domain popular and increase rankings you do have to continually make relevant new real estate blog post each month.

With San Diego’s average residential home selling for well over $500,000, just one new listing from this website could generate (3% listing side commission) over $15,000 at the successful close.

lLastly, keep in mind that if you really want to grow your San Diego real estate business or are considering entering the San Diego real estate brokerage market the purchase of brokerforyou.com could be your key to saving thousands and years of marketing efforts to break into this market. it’s no secret, that one of the fastest ways to grow a business is by strategic acquisitions.

If you’re interested in this very unique opportunity, contact me at: seo711@gmail.com


San Diego Residential Real Estate