July 13, 2024

Southwest Water Shortage

Wake up California…start following Saudi Arabia’s lead with modern industrial size desalination plants! Your people are 3-5 years away from dying of thirst!!! Stop with the power and control attitude over water! There’s NO shortage of sea water! Only shortage of political will and brains and power politics at play!

Someone simply refused to do the math when it came to water. That normally, X amount of water enters Lake Mead via the Colorado River. But in 20 years, XXX amount of water has been used for new homes, casino’s, etc. Instead of saving water like it was money in a bank account, it kept going out faster than what was being put in.  What do you expect in 10 years of the level dropping why did they let it get to this point before they do something about it.

Southwest Water Shortage

San Diego river Southwest Water Shortage

Southwest USA needs to take a look at Israel’s water management , including desalination .
I directly blame Democrats and environmentalist for this disaster facing the people. You have the Sierra cCub and you have Democrats who are completely against the building anymore water storage! Democrats will not allow any dams to be built they will not allow tunneling to bring water from one area of the state to the next! Let’s say this again, this is not a problem caused by Republicans or business owners in the state of California this was literally caused by professional bureaucrats lifetime bureaucrats in the Democratic Party and their  greenie friends,



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