July 14, 2024

San Diego property tax
San Diego property tax

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister said today that 46,751 San Diego County residents were delinquent on, or have not paid, their property taxes. Delinquent taxpayers in the county owe more than $289 million in back taxes.

This sure sounds bad, but, the good news is that this year’s figures were actually lower than last year. Last year, the county sent out more than 50,000 tax default notices.

Dan McAllister said: “The number has decreased, which demonstrates that more people are stepping up to protect their single most important investment, their home. We are confident that the number will improve once taxpayers receive these notices.”

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1 thought on “Almost 50,000 San Diego Residents Delinquent on Property Taxes

  1. As a homeowner, for over 25 years, it doesn’t help me if my neighbors are selling their homes at 4x – 5x the original cost. My property taxes go up accordingly, and I cannot afford to buy another home nor do i desire a new mortgage. What is solution?

    Stop land speculation, tax home sales under 5 years, require people to live in a home for 5 years, slow down the home flipping, etc.

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