July 14, 2024

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San Diego Little Italy Condo

What a conspiracy theorist would say: Real estate news, the positive information seems to be coming from only people who cannot afford to tell you the truth. The Obama administration cannot afford to come forth and tell anyone that housing prices could continue to decline as that would stop any sales that are presently occurring.

The real estate industry cannot tell you the truth for fear that they won’t make any money. The banks/financial institutions want to mislead you into believing they will help you so they can collect information on you to use against you or to do so little for you and maximize returns for them (dont forget, if your 400k loan is secured by 200k value, they already lost the 200k and yet they negotiate from strength).

Individuals need to be smarter and evaluate for themselves. Don’t try and catch the knife, you will most likely will get cut.

San Diego Little Italy condos

5 thoughts on “The Truth About The Real Estate Market

  1. Mark these words, it will be much worse that the ‘73-’75 recession, it will very likely be worse than the Great Depression, but will be a depression, a real depression. A morning’s worth of true, overall. Thoughtful research will convince anyone willing to face the truth.

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  2. If we can bail out the rich (socialism) Then let’s do the stupid as well (socialism),
    or we could practice real capitalism and let them crash and burn.
    It would get rid of the crooks and make opportunity for the new blood to have a go at it.
    To think that Betting your life savings in the stock market was a good Idea?
    Only fools would take a risk like that. (risk is ,the chance to loose it all)
    Betting is for those that can afford to loose the money they bet. So Be It.
    Who wants to talk about the the real issue of national debt and the day
    we really will go belly up. Can’t anybody else see the future of this financial
    disaster and stand up and tell the people the truth. We are Bankrupt.
    We have to much on the credit card and the foreclosure notice is already hear.
    As a country we have taught the stupid to do the same in their own homes. So, the truth is people really only know what they have been taught. Ignorance.

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  3. In my working class neighborhood it was hard to miss that something went wrong when all the houses tripled in value. No one here got a raise but young families somehow bought homes that we’re half-million dollar fixer-uppers. The only reason the fed, banks, and the government missed it was that they were too busy counting their money to care where it was coming from.

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