July 14, 2024

California Real Estate Over-regulation

If you own a rental property in San Bernardino, you are part of the evil 1%!

California real estate

Yes, California is still under a tremendous unfunded debt burden, and this year has seen a number of California cities including San Bernardino declare bankruptcy. Even in light of these facts of gross mis-management, the city of San Bernardino is moving forward with a program that affects landlords of apartment buildings with as few as four units.

Under this new ordinance, all multifamily property owners and managers must pay to attend an all-day class run by the city which instructs them on the do’s and don’ts of property ownership. This all-day class is mandatory for all owners, not just those who may have code violations.

Believe it or not, the program is even required for owners who live in other states but have property located in San Bernardino. The city has said that the goal of this program is to educate everybody as to their right as property owners and their responsibility as property owners. This is backed up by fines for noncompliance, and sounds like the reeducation programs that the communist put into play when they took over Vietnam.

The San Bernardino program basically has three parts; the class, a mandatory inspection of the property, and optional training program that enables the apartment building to become certified as part of an anti-crime program.

This indoctrination program is just another example of California’s non-business friendly climate and massive regulatory overreach. Currently, San Bernardino’s mandatory program is especially galling for rental property owners who are forced to take the program because it’s given by city officials who ran the City into bankruptcy and surely do not know it thing about fiscal responsibility themselves.

With California’s new state super democratic majority, how long before similar mandatory program are enacted throughout the state? For now, in San Bernardino California . . . YOU WILL COMPLY!



California Real Estate Over-regulation

4 thoughts on “California Real Estate Over-regulation

  1. Liberals, destroy their State with their own ideology. Then they can’t make a living because of what they created. They then move to your State and do the same thing over again. Einstein has a definition to a word that fits perfectly with these Liberal, fascist pigs.

  2. More than 100,000 moved out of California this past year according to the latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau. The trend can be explained, in part, in monetary terms. The cost of living in California has increased, prompting people to move out, and, in recent years, unemployment in the state has skyrocketed. Just try to open a business or hire people to work for you . . . the forms & paper work is just daunting! Look at all the forms are now required to buy or sell real estate in California!

  3. Dear CA income property refugees, Come one and come all but don’t you dare bring that nanny state with you. We love freedom and now that you’ve had a taste of tyranny we hope you love it too. sincerely, Texas

  4. This is a symptom of mental illness BTW. ITs called projection another way to put it blaming everyone but yourself. Just another unjust fascist law.

    Fresno Bakersfield and SB have those laws. They are senseless and punish all residents.

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