July 13, 2024

California Rent Control Prop 21

Prop 21: Rent control- allows cities to pass rent control measures on almost all rental housing, as long as it’s more than 15 years old. Watch as CalMatters reporter Jackie Botts talks about Prop 21.

No on 21. It’s an effort by the same multimillionaire who is on an ideological crusade. Vacancy control – even when a new tenant moves in, you cannot increase rent to the market rate. So why repair? Why upgrade? Why renting out at all? No on this economic insanity.

California Rent Control Prop 21

Rent control kills new construction, stifles economic growth & means less affordable housing. Not sure why anyone would vote yes on this measure. It doesn’t help renters and creates artificial inflation. There’s a reason why we voted no on this same exact bill in 2018. No to Prop 21!

Rent control is so gross. If i own a bike and will loan you my bike, why should anyone be allowed to tell me who i can loan my bike to and how much i can charge? Its my bike! This is so wrong. Worse, it is bad for the housing market. Investors dont want to invest in (ie., build in) areas that have rent control. That means our housing supply will be decreased, making housing affordability worse, not better.

No on 21. It’s a wrong solution. Californians decided 2 years ago. Why are we here again? Newsom says NO. California Council for Affordable Housing says NO. Seniors and veterans say NO. Only lawyers and dirty politicians are for it. Vote NO on this economic lunacy.

SF rents are now down 20%! Billboard seen near California – Nevada border: “Welcome to Nevada: Please leave the poor voting choices behind.”

No on 21. Essentially the gov (run by people who haven’t run anything in their lives) wants to limit rent increases so they can claim they’re working for the little guys. All the while they’re making it harder to live in this state through all their taxes. Forget rent control…how about they do a little TAX control?


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