July 18, 2024

California Rental Market Top

The most predictable bubble in history. Yet watch how the speculators will act surprised.

A survey from the San Francisco Apartment Association found that 7.5% of renters have broken their lease over the last three months. Kenny Choi reports. (6-18-20)

Not much demand for rentals when 46 million unemployment claims have been filed …. record high. Do these landlords know (this) is worse than the Great Depression.

California Rental Market Top?

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When you speculate on high prices real estate, you take a risk…and right now that risk is extremely high due to the overpriced market conditions and the changing considering in the job market (working from home)…and also the government regulations (mostly local)…its a combination meant to take from the wealthy land owners to give to the renters (socialism)…I am just pointing out the trend that is taking place…and if the housing prices get too high, who will perform all the service jobs in places like San Francisco? They will have to shut down all of the restaurants and retail sales locations, because they cannot and will not support those expensive living conditions…so then things must normalize to allow for balance…otherwise you cannot have low income jobs that perform those services locally…you would have to drive an hour away to bet a burger….
Tenants and homeowners are moving because SF is becoming a rat hole, no regard for the law, homeless people infesting the streets and government taxing the hell out of people to pay for their bad decisions on running the city.
A. With high rent ( cost of living ), makes you work hard, and gives you an inventive to better yourself.
B. Land-lording is a business. A business needs to make money ( just like the tenants do ).
C. Stop buying crap. Save your money. Better yourself and family, by buying a house…and never, ever take a second loan on it.

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