July 14, 2024

Just like residential real estate, commercial real estate is now experiencing higher foreclosures and exploding delinquency levels. REITs (real estate investments trusts) are already down more than 50% across the board and many are down 80%+.


George Soros says that it is “inevitable” that commercial real estate falls another 30%. Rents are falling, tenant bankruptcies are rising, there is tons of debt to be refinanced for which there is no market, so cap rates are rocketing and “ghost mall” has joined the recessionary lexicon.          San Diego California real estate

2 thoughts on “Commercial Real Estate … The Next to be Bailed Out?

  1. Savvy investors should be watching all sections of the real estate market. There are similarities between investment, commercial and residential and it behooves the smart person to watch all of them prior to jumping back into real estate investing. There will be a right time! Be smart!!

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