July 18, 2024

Countrywide Financial Corporation foreclosure rates in January 2008 doubled!. The rates of its 9.02 million mortgages rose to 1.48% from the January 2007 rate of 0.77% .

The delinquency rate in January 2008 rose to 7.47% from 4.32% of January 2007. The company stated that a third of its sub-prime mortgages were delinquent at the end of the2007. In the fourth quarter of 2007 it lost $422 million.   Realtors San Diego California

3 thoughts on “Countrywide Forclosures Double

  1. OK America Business & Politicians…..its time for you idiots to get out of the way of those who have real answers to save the economy. You idiots have been in power too long. You don’t know what you’re doing trying to save those stupid banks and mortgage companies. You’ve screw the American public oput of their equity in their homes, that which was driving this economy. Theat was the “ATM” of the consumer. Let OBAMA and his team come on the field and shut down that stupid war, and put plans in place to put America back to work.

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