July 14, 2024

Drone Roof Inspection

This 4k video is showing my first use of my Yuneec Typhoon Q500 drone to look at a friends San Diego home’s roof for any problem areas.

This video was taken using my GoPro Hero4 Black edition, attached to my new Yuneec Typhoon q500 G model drone.

With forecasts of the heaviest California winter rains in 50 years, it’s a prudent idea to check your roof for problem areas. So, when showing my friend the capabilities of the new Typhoon UAV, he asked if I would fly it over his roof so he could see what condition the tiles were in.

I was probably about 20 feet over the roof on this first try, but, I think the ideal height would be more like about 10 feet so we could see better detail.

drone roof inspection

Since the FAA has taken the position that using the drone for marketing homes is a commercial endeavor and subject to their regulation, it would be prudent for agents to wait until these final regulations are approved. From the comments that I’ve read, this should be within a couple of months. There is also quite a bit of conjecture that drones like my Typhoon, that are under 5 pounds, may have a special exemption.

So for now, I still recommend for agents who want to remain on the cutting edge of technology, look into a drone because it could make a great difference in marketing certain properties. Plus, why not get prepared once the final regulations are issued?

With that said, my idea prompted by my friends request to look at his roof, — why not offer similar services to potential high-end clients at no charge whatsoever? Now, if you want to be super conservative, by all means run it by your legal advisers prior to promoting.

Personally, I don’t see how this free service could be considered commercial because you’re not charging for it and actually it’s a community benefit. But, as I’m not an attorney this is just my own personal opinion and you should not rely on it without first seeking competent legal counsel.

Small drone use like the Typhoon, for a hobby purposes is fine. One should obey a set of guidelines that you can find online, when using a drone. My Typhoon Q500 has its software set not to exceed 400 feet in height (using it for real estate I doubt that most agents would be operating at over 100 feet) and also limits its operation in restricted airspace such as airports.

San Diego drone roof inspection

Using an aerial photography drone like this is really a lot of fun and sure gives one a different perspective on the local landscape/topography.

Shooting video in the 4K high definition format produces stunning video that anyone with a new 4K TV can take full advantage of. Actually, if you were offering potential clients a free drone roof inspection, burning the video to a DVD disc and giving it to the client would allow them to view it in the best possible resolution on their  4K TV.

Even though this is in 4K on Youtube, the video is still compressed, and so, one does not get the full advantage of the 4K format viewing it this way. But on a DVD disc, the 4K format really shines.

Drone Roof Inspection

8 thoughts on “Drone Roof Inspection – Agent Marketing Idea

  1. Personally, I’ve not tested the range. From what I understand it can easily go over 1 mile. The software has a built-in height limit of 400 feet to comply with pre-FAA regulations.

    There are a number of kits on the market to modify and/or extend the range, some say up to 2 miles!

    But, you should keep in mind that the FAA has stated, at least in preliminary rules, that drones like this should always be operated in visual line of sight.

    You might want to think of it like a car, where most can easily exceed 100 miles an hour, I don’t think there’s a public road in the country where it’s legal to go at such a high speed.

    Also this particular type of drone is really designed for aerial photography and not for speed or maximum distance capabilities. Again, think of it like a high-end Toyota versus a Ferrari.

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