July 13, 2024

Eviction Moratorium Continues

The Eviction Moratorium has plagued real estate in the USA for the last 16 months.

This is heartbreaking. Most landlords need the rent payments to pay the mortgage.

This eviction moratorium hurts all investors and small time landlords. The larger landlords can absorb the losses through stimulus packages and bailouts. Seems this ever extending eviction moratorium is part of the Biden administrations “You will own nothing and be happy about it” new world order plan.

Eviction Moratorium Continues

Eviction Moratorium Continues

Important to note this Moratorium only applies to Fannie May Freddie Mack loans. Not to private loans and loans from most small banks and credit unions or people who own their homes. The real problem is that many cities and states have enacted their own moratoriums that are much, much stricter than the federal moratorium.

I said this and other articles about these rental moratorium eviction policies, if federal state and city governments want to place these in place, they should set it up just like welfare where the tenants applied to the government and the government gives them a voucher that they then give to the owner and the owner can get paid in full directly from the city state or federal government.

It should be quite obvious to anyone that the governments put this in place just to destroy the middle class. Plus the leftist out in California really hate landlords, and believe that people shouldn’t have to pay rent! And now, unfortunately, their greatest dream of living rent-free has turned into reality!

It’s disgusting how government at all levels is transforming our nation right before our eyes. Last week a federal judge cancelled the eviction moratorium and for one week we had a free market. However now we are back under the thumb of the eviction moratorium and I believe this will not go away anytime soon. My prediction is that this will likely stay around for a year or more. This will not go away. Now is the time to lift the moratorium if they are going to lift it in 2021. Otherwise if we wait, we will soon approach the fall and then the winter and I can not imagine the Biden administration lets out millions of people into the street homeless in the dead of winter. What do you think will happen to the real estate market when this is all over?


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