July 12, 2024

Evictions are Coming

Almost 2 million people in eviction bans set to end all at once . . . this could this be the tipping point for the correction!

A lot of landlords want to sell. We need to get the government out of the free market. Landlords got screwed so badly. Most tenants bought new cars and TVs instead of paying rent.
Now you see how easy a dictatorship can be set up under the pretext of a national emergency. Next time will be even easier, since now they know how passive and compliant the public is.
In LA county, the moratoriums have been extended until September. I believe this was done on purpose. Come fall/winter, there will be another extension due to the holiday season and cold temperatures. Mark my words!
I think many landlords are so tired of the BS they just want to get rid of their real estate investments quickly. Yes, once these landlords get there properties back they are not going to want to deal with evictions and bad tenants again. They will sell and get rid of a liability which should not have been a liability. Who in their right mind would put capital at risk with the government controlling your asset?
How about all the foreclosures that were going to happen regardless of the pandemic? All the people who were going to sell but didn’t due to the pandemic? All the retirees. I see a hand sanitizer style snap back to this BS!

Evictions are Coming

Evictions are Coming

When the moratorium ends I believe that more properties will hit the market. Many landlords will want out from the nightmare they just experienced. Realtors will see increased profits not from a higher listing price but from more houses entering the market making for more sales. Personally many will be feed up with being a landlord, it’s just not worth the hassle. The bad renters have ruined it for the good ones. Destroying your property, the headaches of having to evict, not paying rent, the constant repairs.


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