July 17, 2024

San Diego Coastal Real Estate

Though this video is focused on the Miami building collapse and what the local Miami officials may soon be implementing to all coastal construction, it’s my belief, that these same issues exist right here in San Diego and can have devastating effects on existing coastal properties not only in San Diego but all of the California developed coastal ranges.

Some builders have said that Sea level rise has nothing to do with the condo collapse. The building fell exactly like 911 towers, floor by floor. If the ground foundation had issues the building would have sunk or leaned one side.

Miami Real Estate is going through a BIG change right now, here is what the media is not telling you just yet.. This story is slowly coming so surface but one of the leading causes is apparently climate change.

San Diego Coastal Real Estate

2017 San Diego real estate  -  San Diego Coastal Real Estate

One reader said: “Buildings that just collapse .. Generally collapse because they were initially built like garbage , The 80’s had a lot of Code enforcement corruption . The Builders skimped on rebar , proper footings , thinned out concrete that doesn’t meet compression standards . II have been in the building trade for 40 years and have seen the shady money swaps between a ” Reputable ” builder and inspectors . I was considering becoming a building inspector years ago . It’s a cushy job , I knew I wouldn’t last a week , Because everything I witnessed on other sites , I would have shut down !! . In the end .. As usual the root of the problem is ” Get as much money as quickly as you can and do the least to attain it ” .. Somewhat same applies in engineering .. Walk it right up to the point where it appears to pass and is good enough to hold itself up .. Then again .. Blame Gravity .. We Need Gravity Change.”

This will hart all renters, owners and investors in Miami Florida. Per the official website the changes they want to make to all housing units in the next four years will be substantial. These changes will hurt asset values and real estate, property values, land values and all things property development. They want to bring clean energy and get off of fossil fuels for a total of 1.6 Billion square feet in the next four and a half years.


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