July 18, 2024

mortgage interest ratesFederal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke signaled he is finished cutting interest rates for now and has turned his attention to concerns about inflation in the world’s foreign exchange markets in the wake of the U.S. dollar’s 16 percent decline against the Euro over the past year.  Speaking to the International Monetary Conference, Bernanke stated that, “For now, policy seems well positioned to promote moderate growth and price stability over time.  We will, of course, be watching the evolving situation closely and are prepared to act as needed to meet our dual mandate.”

Bernanke called financial market conditions “strained” and reiterated that U.S. consumers face challenges from declining home prices and stricter mortgage and other lending standards, a weaker job market and higher energy costs.  He added that economic growth will remain limited until home prices and the housing market show clearer signs of stabilization.          San Diego California downtown real estate market

3 thoughts on “Fed Head … Finished Cutting Interest Rates?

  1. The downturn during the 1970s was caused primarily by Richard Nixon’s faulty economic policy. Among other things the imposition of widespread wage and price controls caused the extended recession of the 1970s we refer to today as stagflation. Oil prices played a role but it was the governments response that truly put the United States over the edge. Unless the Government takes draconian measures like Nixon did to insulate the economy it doesn’t make sense to compare today’s situation to that of the 1970s.

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  2. Much is said now about the state of the real estate market, the recent audacity by the fed chair, and how our dollar is being trampled on by the feds. Much is said about the lack of equity in homes and the lack of liquidity from the few available buyers out there. The economy is dead, all these foreclosures are ruining the state.

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  3. It’s much harder for troubled borrowers to get a loan now. The lending industry has tightened up standards for lending to elimintate the slide of foreclosures due to subprime lending practices targeting those troubled borrowers. The local media has presented the facts in a negative light, but a return to normalcy is about to occur.

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