July 18, 2024

FHA home loansFHASecure has helped 200,000 homeowners to avoid foreclosure by refinancing their mortgages through HUD’s Federal Housing Administration. In just the past three months, the effects of FHASecure were significant, as it insured twice as many loans during this time as it did in the first three months of the program. As more and more homeowners learn about the positive changes they can make by using the FHA’s 30-year fixed, prime rate financing, the numbers of Americans that have been helped by the program continue to increase.

4 thoughts on “Goverment’s FHASecure Refinances 200,000th Mortgage

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  2.  Consumer demand will drop. Unemployment will rise. The US will go into a recession at best, a depression at worst. Expect first stagflation (high inflation and high unemployment), both because of the increased price of imports and deliberate pump priming by the Fed, then deflation, as asset prices collapse so hard they take everything else with them. The other likely scenario is stagflation followed by hyperinflation. Formal inflation numbers put out will become not just a joke amongst market-watchers, but amongst the actual population. Same thing with unemployment numbers.

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