July 13, 2024


Tomorrow we will collectively celebrate our Nation’s 237th Birthday. Picnics, parades, outdoor BBQ’s and the traditional nighttime fireworks will be the course of action from “sea to shining sea.” This is the way we celebrate the Independence that we have inherited from each generation dating back to that historic day when John Hancock, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and 53 others signed the Document that made it all official.

Every drop of blood that has been shed, every life that has been lost in every war our Nation has fought in since those days in the 1770’s has been dedicated to preserving the freedom and independence that we will be celebrating tomorrow. Pondering that thought, it does raise the question of how we use this independence that we are so blessed to possess.

What are you doing to make sure that you don’t lose the identity that you have the freedom to express? What are you showing your family, your friends, your co-workers most importantly….YOURSELF?

So as you’re enjoying this 237th Anniversary of our Independence tomorrow, take a moment and challenge yourself to see what you will do going forward in all aspects of your life, both business and personal, to use that independent freedom to rise above the crowd and shine like the star you truly were meant to be. Have a blessed and safe 4th!!!