July 13, 2024

Home Improvement — Color Facts

Home Improvement

Choosing paint colors for your home can be quite a challenge. Painting walls with paint is becoming a more popular form of decoration. The application of paint enhances the decoration in the selected style. If you want to stay current with the latest paint trends, read on…

Gray is the new neutral, blue is the new symbol of the environment and yellow will add energy and optimism to your surroundings. At least, those are the latest trends reported by the Color Marketing Group (CMG), a not-for-profit association of color design professionals.

Home Improvement — Color Facts

Experts at CMG say the top color choices are influenced by the public’s concern about the economy and their optimism for the future. People are looking for colors that are safe, familiar and comforting. Consumers also increasingly are drawn to colors and products that reflect a growing desire for an environmentally “greener” world. CMG reports these top color trends:

  • Purple is a hot color, influenced by the recent presidential election (think Republican red mixed with Democratic blue). For example, grayed-out violet works equally well as an accent or as a neutral.
  • Blue is the new “green” to create environmental awareness.
  • Complex neutral colors, like cooled-down, grayed-out browns and grays, satisfy the urge toward classic colors in an economically challenged time.
  • Bright vivid yellow will be a stand-out accent color that provides energy amidst the sobering effects of the gray neutrals.
  • Bright accents influenced by far-away countries like India, China and Turkey will add an exotic touch. Look for colors that are prominent in these countries, including shades of orange, red, yellow, turquoise and teal.
  • White is showing up more in corporate boardrooms. It represents purity of thought, motive and result, which is expected from many businesses.

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Home Improvement — Color Facts