July 13, 2024

Home Improvement  – Should you do it yourself?

Home Improvement

A recent survey by RemodelorMove.com finds that nearly two-thirds of homeowners are handling some parts of remodeling jobs on their own to save money. But doing it yourself may not always be a wise choice in the long run, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Correcting home improvement mistakes can be costly, and some contractors are unwilling to take on botched do-it-yourself projects.

So how do you know if you should do it yourself or hire a contractor? Here are some factors to consider:

Home Improvement

Costs – Look at all the costs, including the cost of materials, time and the tools you may need. If the job doesn’t turn out right, can you afford to re-do the project or correct mistakes?

Skills – Do you have all the tools, and more importantly, the skills required to do the job?

Knowledge – Have you done this work before? Do you know all the steps involved? Are you familiar with local building codes and permit requirements? Some local jurisdictions require that the work be completed by a licensed professional to meet code.

Time – Do you have the time to devote to completing the project? Always double or triple the estimated time for a DIY project, unless you are highly skilled and are familiar with the project.

Personality – Do you enjoy physical work? Do you have reliable work habits? Are you persistent and patient to see a project through to the end?

Materials – How will you obtain the materials you need?

Safety – You health and safety comes first. Experts suggest you don’t attempt major projects that could put your well being in jeopardy, such as electrical or roofing. Call a professional instead.


Home Improvement