July 13, 2024

real estate bloggerReal estate agents are always supposed to say positive things, like "It's always a good time to buy real estate." Go against the conventional wisdom and you could end up with a hefty lawsuit.

One Miami real estate agent blogger found this out when he said something mean about a condo developer in his blog. The developer sued for $25 million for defamation. What ever happened to freedom of speech?        

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4 thoughts on “Miami Real Estate Blogger Sued For $25 Million

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  2. I remember in 2005 that It seems every month the paper reported that real estate sales were down by double digits though the values seem to be holding up. You would think an intelligent person would realize sales cannot drop by such a magnitude without values following.

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  3. you can get sued for just about anything these days. That is why insurance rates are so high for everything from car insurance, health insurance to E&O. Surely developer didn’t win this one….you would think this does fall under 1st amendment to free speech

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