July 19, 2024

San Diego county real estateThe listing prices on properties in 18 of 20 major markets across the U.S. fell during the month of November. San Diego experienced the steepest decline with listing prices falling 5.8 percent as the recent wildfires exacted a toll on demand. This information was presented in the newly-launched Real-Time National Housing Market Report*, published by Altos Research, the premier source for real-time, real-estate market research and Real IQ™, a market analysis consultancy.

The Real-Time National Housing Market Report is based on an analysis of data from over one million properties currently listed for sale in 20 metropolitan markets across the country and represents the most timely source of housing market data on current market activity.


“Real estate information tends to be highly latent and subject to a lot of revisions,” said Michael Simonsen CEO and co-founder of Altos Research. “It takes several months before the S&P/Case Shiller Index or the

OFHEO data is released for a given month. When you're making investment decisions or trading derivatives these lag times are simply killers.”

Another key trend noted in the new report was an increase in the time-on-market duration for homes on sale in virtually all markets. Miami experienced the longest time-on-market span with an average days-on-market of 137 in November. Minneapolis had the second highest average days-on-market at 125.

Listed property inventory levels displayed seasonal declines in many markets with the exception of Las Vegas where for-sale property listings increased 6.6% over the past three month. “While inventory levels declined in most major markets, the decline in supply could not keep pace with the rapid fall in demand,” said Stephen Bedikian, partner and research director for Real IQ. “We expect time-on-market will continue to lengthen and apply pressure on homeowner pricing decisions until buyers regain confidence and demand levels off. So far that point is not in sight.”

*The first report was published December 7, 2007 and will be released every month. Report downloads are available from Altos Research.[tags] San Diego real estate market, San Diego real estate, San Diego County real estate[/tags] San Diego California real estate agents

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  1. Mark these words, it will be much worse that the ‘73-’75 recession, it will very likely be worse than the Great Depression, but will be a depression, a real depression. A morning’s worth of true, overall. thoughtful research will convince anyone willing to face the truth.


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  2. The downturn during the 1970s was caused primarily by Richard Nixon’s faulty economic policy. Among other things the imposition of widespread wage and price controls caused the extended recession of the 1970s we refer to today as stagflation. Oil prices played a role but it was the governments response that truly put the United States over the edge. Unless the Government takes draconian measures like Nixon did to insulate the economy it doesn’t make sense to compare today’s situation to that of the 1970s.

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