July 12, 2024

Political Correctness in the Real Estate Market Gone Too Far?

real estate political correctnessThe politically correct movement has finally gotten around to the real estate industry. Some say that it was initiated by HUD, but I could not verify this. A number of new home developers, as well as resale real estate firms are no longer using the term ‘master bedroom suite.’ The liberals in government and the real estate industry are moving forward in their push for self-censorship to keep anyone from possibly being offended and to make common sense citizens feel like bigots . . . the master bedroom phraseology will will soon fade from our collective memories as we now refer to this room as the ‘owners suite’ or ‘owner’s bedroom.’ There is even talk of  renaming “family” room because it may offend those without families!

In one respect it’s laughable, but again it’s a tiny, tiny percentage of our society  that says we should choose to give up our freedom of speech and thought because it just might offend some thin-skinned individual who usually is just out looking for something to be offended by.

What are we left with if we are not able to express our beliefs? Is it right to restrict freedoms to avoid the possibility of it perhaps offending someone else? This takes away individuality and personal identity and creates a nation where, in speech,  (and if leftists achieve their dream, also in ideas) everyone is the same.

By catering to the possibility of offending the minority, we often offend the majority.

It’s absolutely ridiculous how far out of hand this P.C. movement has gotten. I think there is an obvious difference between inappropriate comments and people with nothing else better to do than try to create uniformity of thought. We need to stop making such absurdities out of nothing and remember “sticks and stones,” otherwise we are just going to have a nation full of preschoolers.

Political correctness is the first step toward Marxism. If you don’t like a television show or book, don’t watch or read the offensive material. It is one thing be sensitive to another person, but, this PC movement is crossing the line into censorship speech.

I realize I’m a dinosaur and this is an inconsequential change, but for me personally, I’ll still refer to the largest of the bedrooms in a home as the master suite, well, the mistress suite is certainly fine by me also.

Real Estate Political Correctness

3 thoughts on “Real Estate Political Correctness

  1. Just announced . . . Washington state is spending countless ‘people hours’ to rewrite all passed laws to remove any gender bias.

    Yes, it’s not enough just to say from now on all new laws will be gender neutral, but let’s spend untold millions, and go back and rewrite all the laws ever passed in Washington state so no one looking up an old law could possibly be offended!

    In the Washington state effort to rewrite state laws using gender-neutral vocabulary, state workers are now replacing terms such as “fisherman” and “freshman” with “fisher” and “first-year student,” in all passed laws.

    Just in case you believe the wasting of taxpayer money on this is okay, here is just one example of what is being changed: penmanship is now change to handwriting in the Washington state laws!

    Naturally, the PC correct/gender-neutral wackos {as far as I know the term wacko is gender-neutral) ran into problems with a few words . . . seems they were unable to come up with a replacement for man hole, and “airmen” and “seaman,” were not change because of objections from the Washington state military community.

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