July 14, 2024

Real Estate Videos

Below are stats for April 6, 2018 to May 3, 2018 from YouTube. This shows the watch time and the number of views that my videos have had during this 28 day period for our real estate videos.

Real Estate Videos
Youtube Real Estate Videos

If you look carefully at the above stats you’ll see that this YouTube real estate video channel is nine years old and currently has 102 videos! as there is an active hyperlink in each video description back to this site, YouTube sends the site a lot of targeted traffic every month.

iI’s commonly accepted that just like Google gives websites better ranking the older they are, the same is true for channels on YouTube  as it is owned by Google. Many times a popular YouTube video will show up is a thumbnail in the Google search results themselves.

San Diego California real estate broker - brokerforyou.comReal Estate Videos:

According to a new report from Cisco, by 2019, online video will be responsible for four-fifths of global Internet traffic. The stats for the U.S. are even more impressive, coming in at 85%.

Cisco states that the dramatic increase will not only be driven by the increased popularity of OTT video streaming services, but also by the sheer number of us that will be connected by 2019. Over half the planet (around 3.9 billion people) will have access to the Internet by that time, but the number of devices able to access the web will be three times as high as the global population!

This will have a huge impact on video traffic. In the new research Cisco predicts that traffic from wireless and mobile devices will rise to 66% of all traffic in 4 years, and these numbers are backed up by other research. In its recent study, the IAB confirmed that more viewers than ever are accessing video via their mobile devices, with around half of our daily consumption of digital media taking place through smartphones and tablets. According to another new report, this time from Ericsson, mobile video traffic will grow 55% per year until 2020.

If you’re active in the San Diego real estate market or plan to be active in the future, a good way to get a head start in the business is to purchase a popular real estate website like mine. Not only am I selling the site itself, but also the YouTube real estate channel with it as a package deal.

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Real Estate Videos