July 13, 2024

San Diego California resale single family home appreciation

In the table below, www.brokerforyou.com looked at selected high value ($750,000 & up) home areas in San Diego that had 15 or more closed resales in 2007.

It seems that the San Diego upper value single family home resale market is doing quite well. This is especially true when compared to the huge value drops experienced in the San Diego condominium market as well as the sizable double digit losses in value seen in the median San Diego single family homes.  See our prior post on condominium values at:

San Diego California condominium values  Also, our prior chart on single family homes can be viewed at: San Diego California real estate values


October 2007 – *Percent Change is for the median price from the same month last year.

San Diego homes $750,000 and up. 


Zip Code
# of Sales
% Changed
Carlsbad SE 92009 23 $775,000 14.9%
Carlsbad SW 92011 16 $895,000 15.5%
Carmel Valley 92130 21 $912,000 -6.9%
Cordinado 92118 12 $1,462,500 -2.5%
Encinitas 92024 32 $790,000 -4.2%
La Jolla 92037 23 $2,352,500 62.2%
Mission Beach, Pacific Beach 92126 18 $495,000 -1.0%
Point Loma 92131 14 $949,000 17.0%
Rancho Bernardo W 92127 22 $855,000 19.2%
Scripps Ranch 92131 17 $785,000 9.0%

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Data source: www.dqnews.com as of November 15th, 2007 [tags] San Diego real estate, San Diego homes, San Diego California, real estate bubble, housing bubble[/tags] San Diego California Realtors

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