July 18, 2024

San Diego foreclosureA report by ForeclosureRadar, showed that the number of foreclosures sold in the county during December leapt 328 percent from the previous year to 1,096, comprising 45 percent of all sales.

A second report by Hanley Wood Market Intelligence, reported sales of new homes throughout California in November tumbled 55 percent year over year, to 2,968,

In a third report released today by DataQuick of La Jolla showed home sales in San Diego County dropped 35 percent,  from November to 2,468 during December. A total of 31,676 homes ended up in foreclosure during the quarter ended Dec. 31, marking this highest figure since DataQuick Information Systems began keeping such numbers in 1988.[tags]San Diego foreclosures, home foreclosures, San Diego real estate, San Diego California real estate, San Diego housing[/tags]  San Diego for sale by owner

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