July 13, 2024

San Diego County real estateDataQuick Information Systems reported San Diego County's median home price last month plunged 13 percent from year ago levels and that last month's median home price was $430,000, compared to around $495,000 during the same time the year before. The San Diego County November median home price was 17 percent below the November 2005 top of $517,500.

This decline was the steepest drop in 20 years of record keeping at DataQuick.

Los Angeles economist Christopher Thornberg said "Prices are falling at a pretty rapid pace and will continue to fall through 2008 and into 2009, and that's the most critical thing to keep in mind". [tags]San Diego County real estate, San Diego home prices, real estate bubble, housing bubble, San Diego Realtor, brokerforyou[/tags] San Diego real estate agent

3 thoughts on “San Diego Real Estate Steepest Drop on Record

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