July 12, 2024

San Diego CaliforniaSan Diego California was named fifth richest city in the United States by MSM MarketWatch today. San Diego’s median household income was noted to be $61,000.

In fourth place, MSN named Seattle Washington which also happens to have a median household income of $61,000.

The third-place city was Washington DC with the median household income of $63,000.

In second place was a city of San Francisco California where last year’s median household income was approximately $70,000.

The number one richest city in the United States was San Jose California. it was noted that the median household income last year in San Jose was approximately $77,000.

Interesting to note that in this MSN article 3 of 5 richest cities in the country were in California. California is only one of five states where the inequity in income is higher than the overall US average. Unfortunately, California’s poverty rate is also above the US average.

San Diego